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    Assent Compliance Software Company

    Assent Compliance is a software company built in Ottawa, Canada, that produces chain data administration mixtures for pursuit. The company was established in 2005 by a squad of sustainability and contribute chain professionals who acknowledged the need for superior tools to command conformance and make universal supply chains feasible.

    Assent software programme assists companies accumulate, supervise, and investigate data correlating to their supply chain diversion, including intelligence about distributors, statistics, and bureaucratic necessity. This allows businesses to recognize and alleviate risks related to human rights violations, environmental collisions, and product safety issues, among other things.

    Assent Compliance has fatten speedily since its establishment and now distributes customers in a wide span of fabrication, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, healthcare, and retail. The company has been acknowledged for its imaginative technology emulsion and dedication to corporate social authority and has won innumerable awards for its work in these areas.


    The company has raised various subsequent rounds of funding over the years to brace for its extension and expansion.

    In 2018, Assent Compliance raised $40 million in a Series B funding round led by Greenspring Associates, with engagement from surviving investors Volition Capital, OpenText Enterprise Application Fund, and BDC Capital. The purses were used to hasten the company’s extension into new markets and further develop its software platform.Assent Compliance will raise an additional $130 million in 2021 through a Series C funding round that will be headed by Warburg Pincus and include participation from Greenspring Associates and Volition Capital. The investment was set aside for deliberate expenditure in new technology and universal appendage inventiveness, including the possession of a supply chain data analytics supplier, Insight.
    These financial institutions have authorized Assent Compliance to pursue its goals to evolve and upgrade its technology emulsion, enlarge its universal reach, and intensify its dedication to helping businesses supervise their supply chain observance and continuous challenges.


    Assent Compliance has sustained noteworthy financing from a span of investors, including venture capital firms, personal fairness firms, and administrative organizations. These investors have provided the company with the monetary assets needed to enlarge and intensify its supply fetter data custody software platform, expand into new markets, and seek strategic acquisitions.

    Greenspring Associates, a venture capital firm, has been a lead investor in both of the major subsidy rounds, while personal fairness firm Warburg Pincus led the most recent series C funding round. BDC Capital, a Canadian administration-possessed speculation firm, has also buttressed itself through countless rounds of funding, through the OpenText Enterprise appeal of Volition Capital.

    Beyond providing metropolises, these venture capitalists bring treasure, proficiency, and relationships to the table. The amalgamation of venture capital, personal equity, and administration brace has helped Assent Compliance become a leader in the contribute chain conformance and unceasing sector, with a wide span of customers across industries.

    What the Company does with those Funds:

    Assent Compliance has used the capitalization it has uplifted to reinforce its magnification and evolution in a numeral of key regions. The company has found laboriously to inflate its reach, both through animate growth and deliberate possession, with the aim of flattering a commander in the contribute chain conformance and feasible sector.

    Assent has also used the financial resources to prosper and intensify its supply chain data intention software manifesto, which helps vocation govern their observance and feasible needs more successfully. The company has added new characteristics and purposes to the platform, such as data investigative tools, to make it more influential and accessible.

    In addition, Assent has funds in peddle and sales initiatives to construct brand consciousness and drive income growth. This will enlarge its global sales team and finance department’s digital marketing crusade to reach prospective clients across industries.

    Future Plan:

    Assent Compliance has determined plans for the future, focusing on inflating its reach and establishing itself as a major provider of fetter conformance and continuous suspension. Some of the key areas of center for the company include:

    Continued product development: Assent will pursue to fund the evolution of its supply chain data management software policy, adding new characteristics and performance to help vocation manage their conformance and feasible needs more productively.

    Enlargement into new markets: The company will continue to expand its universal footprint, with an aim on key regions such as Asia and Latin America.

    Strategic acquisitions: Assent will resume pursuing planned acquisitions of other companies in the contribute chain data analytics space, with an eye towards those that can accompany or amplify its existing offerings.

    Innovation: The company is able to continue at the vanguard of the industry by researching new technologies and maintaining supply chain conformance and feasibility.

    CEO STATEMENT ABOUT FUNDING“We are delighted to declare that Assent Compliance has staple $130 million in subsidies to brace our commission of enabling imperishable and moral supply chains around the world. This funding will be used to hasten our extension and enlarge our reach, helping us to deliver even more value to our customers.At Assent, we are committed to providing the tools and expedient that businesses need to guarantee that their supply chains are acquiescent with ordinance and moral standards. Our platform ascendancy advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help businesses recognize and manage risks across their supply chains.”Andrew Waitman CEO of Assent Compliance


    In conclusion, Assent Compliance is a supreme supplier of contribute chain conformance and continuous suspension with a strong track record of rearrangement and extension. The company has raised notable subsidies from top-tier investors, which it has used to enlarge its universal reach, develop its technology programme, and pursue strategic alliances.

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