BiographyGloria Darlene Fox - Know About Megan Fox Mother's Biography

    Gloria Darlene Fox – Know About Megan Fox Mother’s Biography

    You may get more information about Gloria Darlene Fox, a famous American actress and mother of famous Hollywood actress Megan Fox. She lives a private life now, so there may be no more information about her.

    Gloria Darlene Fox is a popular American mother, familiarly with as the mother of an American Model and Actress Megan Fox. We needs a little more information about actress, She is related with Hollywood Cinema and work in more movies. In addition, she has appeared in several television programs and sitcoms. Her mostly movies with the science-fiction and blockbuster transformers. She also earned more awards and nominations, including two scream awards and four Teen Choice awards. However, in this post, we will discuss about Gloria Darlene Fox and get more information regarding Gloria.

    Gloria Darlene Fox Biography 

    Gloria Darlene Fox was born on 14th July 1952 in the United States of America. She has been widely famous as the mother of Megan Fox that is an actress and model in Hollywood. However, she was known for Gloria Darlene Caisson’s work in 2007. Gloria Darlene Fox’s birthplace is Tennessee, and now she is 69 years old. There may be a few more details about her father and mother. She is very secretive about her personal life and family details. Gloria Darlene Fox is a retired real estate manager and lives a very private life. There may be a little more information about her on the internet.

    When it comes to knowing her nationality, she is identified as American, and so her ethnicity is English-Irish. She kept her education details private and completed her studies at the town universities. After retiring from the real estate industry, Gloria Darlene Fox is a full-time housewife. Well, much more information is not revealed on the internet and she lives a most secret life.

    Gloria Darlene Fox – Physical Appearance:

    Gloria Darlene Fox has a typical body type and nearly 6 ft tall and has hazel eyes. Her hair is light brown in Colour. Gloria’s weight is about 65 Kg and her appearance makes the public attractive. Well, Megan’s mom does not reveal any other information about her physical details on the internet.

    Gloria Fox Personal Life:

    Talking of her courting popularity, Gloria Darlene Fox is presently no longer dating everybody in the meantime. She had formerly married twice and divorced as soon as. She first married Megan’s biological father, Fraklin Thomas Fox, and a parole officer. They collectively have two daughters Megan Denise Fox and Kristi Brim Fox. And when Megan was three years old, her parents, in 1989, were given custody of her daughters and divorced. Gloria remarried Tony Tonachio and stayed mutually till her husband, Tony, died.

    Gloria Darlene Fox works in the real estate industry as a property manager. She may have been operating in her field for decades. Only now her expert data has been available to the general public. Her famous daughter Megan Fox is an American actress and model. Megan started her appearing profession at the age of 15 in the 2001 film holiday inside the Sun, starring Ashley Olsen as a spoilt heiress Brianna Wallace. Also, he is regarded as a unique visitor star on two and a half men, which is what I like about you.

    In 2004, she made her cinematic debut in Confessions of a teen age drama Queen with Lindsay Lohan. In 2009, Megan starred in a film written by academy award-triumphing screenwriter Diablo Cody called Jennifer’s Body. Leila is also regarded in Johan hex. Then, Gloria Darlene Fox’s role in ‘transformer: revenge of the Fallen,’ earned her the scream award for quality sci-fi actress. Megan already gotten in 2009 youngster choice awards in classes, choice hottie women and choice summer movie famous person female awards.

    Gloria Darlene Fox Career:

    Gloria Darlene Fox started her career as a real estate property agent and now she is an income accomplice. She has been running with EXP Realty as an income companion since 2019. Gloria also spent many years running in this industry before the touchdown of her cutting-edge time. She held, from May 2008 to March 2009, as a manager at Marco Shorelines Estates. Darlene endured working there and left the process for an identical role at a special firm.

    Conserving an equal role at imperial Bonita estates, Darlene labored for nearly six years. Darlene later joined the riverside club apartment affiliation as well known manager. In January 2015, Darlene joined the company as she began as a GM for the riverside club. Gloria spent over ten years operating as a realtor and sales partner. Gloria Darlene Fox has been charging the amount for the previous two years similarly to her earnings.

    Megan’s Mom Married a Second Husband:

    Even though Gloria Darlene Fox parenting her children independently for some years, She later the relaxation of her busy lifestyle on her own. That’s when she selected to get married to a person else. In 1996, Megan Fox’s mom married her second husband, Tony Tonachio. After seven years divorced then, the wife found a husband, and the children get a father.

    Even so, Megan and Kristin did now not like their stepdad very a great deal. In most of her interviews, Megan said that her second dad was very strict and had conservative thoughts. They couldn’t have man buddies nor have pals over to their house. Gloria delivered her daughters consistent with strict Pentecostal policies.

    Nevertheless, the kids moved out to stay independently when they could make enough money. Unfortunately, Darlene’s second husband also died on 2011. He was 77 years vintage.

    Gloria Darlene Fox Social Media:

    Gloria Darlene fox is living a private life, and she does not active on her social profiles. Gloria is not interested in posting on the social mediaand therefore does not have a social media presence. Gloria prefers to keep her image private, so you may not find much more information about her.

    Gloria Darlene Fox Net Worth:

    Gloria, Megan’s mom, worked as a real estate manager. Her career has to have delivered a sizeable sum of money for her. She hasn’t revealed her specific net well-worth, however. Alternatively, her daughter Megan has an $8 million net worth. In case there is any more updating, it will update as soon.

    The Controversy of Gloria Darlene Fox:

    Gloria has in no way been concerned with any contentious troubles or speculations. The actress has been focused on her work and private life. Gloria Darlene Fox must revel in her non-public lifestyle instead of combining it with her business lifestyle.

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    • FAQ 

    Who is Gloria Darlene Fox?

    Ans. Gloria Darlene Fox is the mother of famous actress Megan Fox, a familiar person in the television industry.

    When was Gloria Darlene Fox born?

    Ans. Gloria Darlene Fox was born on 14’th July 1952 in the United States of America.

    Does Gloria Darlene fox a grand mom of 5 kids?

    Ans. Darlene no longer best has youngsters but also five grandchildren. From her elder daughter Kristi Branim, she has grandsons are Kyler Branim and Caleb Branim. She correlate them with her ex-husband Doughlas Branim.



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